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Phew, the shortest month of the year can often feel like the longest as it is the last month of winter. Old English speakers used two words for February – Solmonath and Kalemonath – mud-month and cabbage-month. Need we say more?


What to enjoy:

Does your February garden remind you of the term mud-month? Try incorporating some shrubs which shine in the winter; February Daphne (beautiful purple flowers), Witch-Hazel (rich yellow to orange-red flowers), Winter Jasmine (bright yellow or white blooms) and Mahonia (deep green leaves and edible but very tangy, blue berries) will bring some striking colour and winter cheer to gardens (and you!) on a grey day.

February’s definitely not all bad, especially if you‘re a kitchen-gardener! You could be harvesting artichokes, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, leeks, onions, parsnips, rhubarb and turnips which are all in season.


What to plant:

Lilies; when you come in to buy your bulbs from us, you’ll find plump, healthy bulbs – it is so important that they’re not dry in any way. Plant out bulbs when the weather is mild and protect emerging shoots against frost with cloches.

Deciduous trees and shrubs, heathers and fruit trees can be planted in suitable conditions, or store them in a frost-free place and hope for better weather! Have you seen our collection?