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Christmas has been and gone and now its time to start planning your garden for the year ahead.


What to enjoy:

Enjoy the planning phase! We have a great selection of gardening books here, most at value price, which can give you some ideas on rotating crops, your vegetable plot and flower beds. We’ve also got some cookbooks for the positive thinkers among you, so you can already think about putting your produce to its best use! Browse through our very wide range of seeds when making your sowing plan, and exchange ideas with our gardening team who are always happy to give you advice and further inspiration.

Enjoy our lovely feathered friends: top up bird baths with a regular supply of fresh water and keep feeding them; they need all that energy for the cold weather and breeding.
Enjoy recycling your old Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch or compost, so that your garden can get some joy out of it too!


What to plant:

Later on this month – if weather allows – dig over your plot and add compost in preparation for planting.

Start forcing rhubarb by covering the crowns to encourage early growth, but as a tip, avoid forcing rhubarb two years on the run and allow alternate years to naturally crop. Having more than one crown will allow you to alternate.

Apple and pear trees can be planted or pruned in January; check out any stored tubers of Dahlia, Bergonia, Canna, etc for rot or drying out.

You can sow onion seeds in your greenhouse, ensuring they are kept warm. And, on sunny days (we are really positive thinkers here), ventilate your greenhouse.


General maintenance:

Christies have a good range of stiff brushes, quality barrows and rakes which is all you need to clear leaves from lawns, ponds and pathways. Freezing weather and snow can cause problems in January so make sure you are prepared with snow shovels, grit and salt… and for the kids? A sledge!