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School holidays, yipee! It’s time to enjoy your garden in the warmest and wettest month of the year; play-time, barbeque time and time to literally enjoy the fruits of your labour. Raspberries, strawberries, black currants, anyone?
What to enjoy:
The best time to harvest herbs is just before they flower; they’ll dry perfectly in your airing cupboard. Remember to cut your lavender for drying and storing at this time too.
What to plant:
Hanging baskets will brighten a porch or forecourt for many months of the year. When choosing plants (or our ready-made baskets in the Garden Centre), remember that baskets are usually viewed from the side or below and should include trailing flowers and foliage. They need frequent watering, so hang them where they can be easily reached! Dead-heading (sounds horrific, it just means removing the dead blooms) will prolong the flowering period and keep your basket looking fresh.